What is My Library?

About Us

My Library is the online library of readers that universities and individuals can subscribe to. For one subscription price, users can view a number of titles as much as they want.


Rather than purchasing and downloading titles individually from the website, schools and students can now subscribe to our collection of selected titles and enjoy access to a variety of books for one yearly subscription price.

The My Library subscription was created to give schools and individuals access to a greater number of titles at a very reasonable price. By subscribing to My Library, institutions and individuals will get access to over 50 titles in epub format, and more subscription options are being added soon. My Library will provide your institution with a Username and Password and a referred URL with a banner to place on your website, allowing unlimited access to My Library for the duration of your subscription.

Subscriptions can be purchased for a school with unlimited campus wide usage or for individuals. Books in the subscription cannot be downloaded directly onto a device, but can be viewed from any device with a browser connected to the internet. That means greater flexibly- more students can access the books at the same time, and can read a larger variety of materials. And since it is online, the service is compatible with just about any device connected to the internet. My Library is a great option for schools that want access to a greater range of content at an affordable price, and no need to download multiple books. Just login and enjoy access to the entire collection!


How to subscribe?
(1) Go to My Library top page and click the “Sign up now!” button.
(2) Fill out your name and postal address etc.
(3) Send to: Fax 03-3788-9202