The easy-to-understand international newspaper.
Written and edited in a style that assists English Language teaching and learning.

Currently teachers and students in over 100 countries subscribe to Newsademic.

Newsademic is a fortnightly publication (20 articles) and associated website. Both British and American English versions of the newspaper are available. The easy-to-read newspaper features the top world news stories that have made headlines during the previous two weeks. Produced in both a PDF and HTML format many EFL teachers consider it a hugely valuable resource.

  • 26 issues in 12 months.
  • Features stories currently making the international news.
  • Articles, written in an easy-to-read style, include latest news plus background information and explanation.
  • Each issue is accompanied by two sets of activities/worksheets and the respective answer keys.
  • Articles featured reflect no political or religious bias.
  • Stories are reported factually and every attempt is made to feature both sides of any situation in which opinions differ.
  • Focus on international news events that shape and affect the world that we all live in today.
  • Carries no advertising.

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