Whom do I contact to receive a catalog or to cancel a direct mailing to me?

We appreciate you supplying us with up-to-date information about your teaching needs so that we only send materials that are relevant to you. Please contact   to update your details or to remove them from our database

Do you share my name and postal address with any third party company?

No, your name and contact information is only used by RIC Publications Japan and will not be sold, traded or used for any other purposes.

How can we get a member of your staff to visit us?

Our bilingual staff members are available to advise teachers on the suitability of any of our materials that are listed on our website or in our current catalog. Please contact   or call us at 03-3788-9201

Inspection Copies/Samples/Review copies

Inspection copies are for teachers who are planning to have 30 or more students purchase the text for their class. Teachers may request inspection copies through our website only- please email us your contact information to the following  . Please note that under certain circumstances, we reserve the right not to supply inspection copies of certain materials.

How can I publish with RIC Publications?

For us to consider your materials, we request that you send us your proposal. We ask potential authors to submit the following information to the President:

  • Working Title (Subtitle)
  • Prospectus
  • What your book is about
  • Major audience
  • Skill areas
  • The strengths of your book against competing titles
  • Expected total pages
  • Components
  • Table of contents
  • Two complete sample chapters with audioscripts (if any)
  • Author’s personal data (resume)
  • Status of piloting / reviewing
  • Full contact information
  • Do NOT send any original material- photocopies are fine
  • Please include a SAE in your package if you would your copies return to you

We will endeavor to review your proposal promptly but please allow us 12 weeks