Question Quest:The Language Card Game

Question Quest:The Language Card Game

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Question Quest : The Language Card Game is an exciting addition to the EFL classroom. Players collect crystal points by strategically asking and answering everyday questions in English. Special cards like "What's your answer!" and "Tell me more!" shake up gameplay and keep players on their toes! Each of the 104 cards is beautifully hand-illustrated and follows a ragtag crystal hunting team on their adventures in a magical world. After just a few games, students will be conversing and self-correcting as they try to end the game with the biggest crystal pile. The colorful characters and compelling gameplay engage even the quietest students! The game is supported by an in-depth instruction book that outlines rules and modifications for lower and higher levels, as well as a robust website with tips for teachers, instructional videos, character bios, and much much more! Bring English conversation to life with Question Quest : The Language Card Game. The Crystal Rush is on!

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Basic Gameplay

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Parts of a Card

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"I don't know!" Special Card

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"I have a question!" Special Card

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"What's your answer?" Special Card

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"Tell me more!" Special Card

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"I'll answer that!" Special Card

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Advanced Gameplay

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Product contents

  • 104 hand drawn illustrated cards

  • Full color 32 page English instruction manual

  • Full color 32 page Japanese instruction manual

  • Authors

    Sean Anderson
    Sean has been an EFL teacher for over 15 years. He came to Japan in 1999 and has taught students at the elementary, high school, and university level. His strong desire to make his lessons educational, empowering, and fun for his students resulted in the concept of Question Quest: The Language Card Game.

    Patrick Reynolds
    Patrick has lived and worked abroad for the last 14 years. He taught health and EFL in Central Asia and North Africa before settling in Japan in 2004. Patrick combines more than a decade of English teaching experience with graphic design skills to make Question Quest cards both educational and exciting.


    Alice Carroll
    Alice has been illustrating professionally since 2008. She has worked with many high profile clients including the Australian National University and National Portrait Gallery. She is dedicated to both art and language learning, having studied linguistics and Japanese in both Australia and at Japan's Tsuda College. Her illustrations bring the Question Quest world and characters to life, delighting and motivating language learners around the world.


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    Sean Anderson, Patrick Reynolds, Alice Carroll


    Beginner to Pre-Intermediate

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