Great Presentation 1:Plan,Present & Communicate


This two-book series teaches students how to confidently give presentations for large and small groups. The text illustrates the path to effective presentations through the steps of planning, writing, editing, practicing and presenting. It explores the skills of brainstorming, outlining, organizing, using visuals, voice projection, and non-verbal communication. Students make improvements in the areas of critical and logical thinking, as well as develop overall English skills by communicating experiences and opinions on topics that they choose and develop with teachers.


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Herman Bartelen

Herman Bartelen has been an active member of the teaching and publishing field in Japan for more than 25 years. His interests are with self-access learning and the use of presentation for developing language skills.

Malcolm Kostiuk has been an active EFL instructor in Japan for over 15 years. He has a strong interest in Web 2.0 technology as it relates to language acquisition, and is the cowriter of the internationally distributed Down to Business English EFL podcast.

Henry George Wolf VII, MA in TESOL via Columbia University, has been teaching English presentation skills at the secondary and tertiary levels in Japan and South Korea for over six years. His research interests include learner autonomy and neurolinguistics.


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