Blue Mouse, Yellow Mouse with CD

Blue Mouse, Yellow Mouse with CD

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Blue Mouse comes from a land where everything is blue and Yellow Mouse comes from a land where everything is yellow. So what happens when Yellow Mouse goes to live in Blue Mouse Land? The CD includes narration, original piano music, a chant and vocabulary practice.


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Patricia Oe

Patricia Daly Oe is a British writer and teacher who lives to the west of Tokyo with her family, cat and two tortoises. Her passions include music, writing and illustrating stories, enjoying nature, as well as cycling and swimming.

Born in the south east of England (Kent), she graduated from Aston University in Birmingham.
She worked in international sales and marketing for a number of years before arriving in Japan to begin a new career in English education. She has lived in Japan for over twenty years.
Patricia is the author of more than eight children’s picture books and gives book-readings and narration concerts. As well as teaching English, she also holds special workshops and events for both children and adults in relation to using picture books, creativity and imagination in teaching and learning English.

Her stories have been described as heart-warming and moving. Patricia’s brightly-coloured collage-style art is simple and stimulating for young children.


Ages 3 & up

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